Happy Sinterklaas!

Lieve Flanorianen, we hopen dat jullie een fijne sinterklaas hebben gehad. Hier nog een gedichtje van ons. Geniet ervan en hopelijk tot...


Flanor Winter Readathon 2021: rules & explanation

Hello dear people,   After the success of the Summer Readathon we’re organizing a Winter Readathon during the Winter Break! The...


Flanor Winter Readathon 2021: recommendations

Hello dear people,   It’s us again! For every reading challenge, we collected a list with book recommendations you could read for the...

Lockdown times: Animal Crossing

Lockdown times: Animal Crossing

It’s been a couple of weeks since the new covid measures have been put into effect and suddenly we have a bit more time on our hands....


Van der Leeuw - Lezing

Every year Stichting Van der Leeuw - lezing organizes a lecture in the Martinikerk. The foundation invites speakers to talk about a...

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