Who is Aimée de Jongh?

Aimée de Jongh is coming to Het Forum today to talk about her books and work. We are very happy to welcome her in Groningen, but who is...


Sustainability week

This week, the Green Office (an institution created by the University of Groningen) is organizing the Sustainability Week. They have a...

Kees van der Hoef-prijs

Kees van der Hoef-prijs

Flanor was honoured to receive the Kees van der Hoef-prijs during the RePrEve last Tuesday! The prize is awarded every two years to a...


A new concept: Weekly Office Hours explained

A new concept has been introduced into Flanor: Weekly Office Hours. Twice a week, Flanorians can come to the USVA building to ask...


Who is Myron Hamming?

As most of you probably know, Myron Hamming will come to the Graanrepubliek to be interviewed by our own Jessay. Hamming is the city...

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