Flanor Winter Readathon 2021: rules & explanation

Hello dear people,   After the success of the Summer Readathon we’re organizing a Winter Readathon during the Winter Break! The...


Flanor Winter Readathon 2021: recommendations

Hello dear people,   It’s us again! For every reading challenge, we collected a list with book recommendations you could read for the...

Lockdown times: Animal Crossing

Lockdown times: Animal Crossing

It’s been a couple of weeks since the new covid measures have been put into effect and suddenly we have a bit more time on our hands....


Van der Leeuw - Lezing

Every year Stichting Van der Leeuw - lezing organizes a lecture in the Martinikerk. The foundation invites speakers to talk about a...


Who is Mathijs Deen?

Mathijs Deen is coming to Forum Groningen today to talk about his books and other work. We are very happy to welcome him, but before we...

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