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Dear Flanorians, 

As we’re looking for our amazing replacements, I’m here to explain what the secretary does (at least what I’m doing this year). Of course, not every secretary will be the same as each board year will also be different. The most important thing you should know about being the secretary at Flanor is that you know everything about every piece of communication and organisation. (Oh, I’m also the vice-chair, but that’s only important when the chair needs help).

When you’re the secretary at Flanor your most important task is taking care of the email. Everyday (or a few times per week) you go through all the incoming emails and sort them per function (chair, secretary, treasurer, etc.) and answer those that either do not belong to any of the other board members or are specifically meant for you. You thus always know everything before the other members because you’ve already seen the emails.

During the meetings (which are a lot of fun, you have dinner (only when you want to), play just dance during the breaks, and discuss anything that happens at Flanor) you also take the minutes about everything that’s being discussed and make sure you record all the tasks for everyone. You also discuss any emails and/or post that Flanor receives.

You also take care of the events on the website and make sure the website is always organised and up to date (except for the info on the reading groups and committees, which the commissioner of internal affairs takes care of). You post the events on there and can (if you want to) add cute photos and descriptions.

Normally the secretary also takes care of the lectures: finding authors, emailing them, making hotel reservations etc., but this year our general board member did that so I was able to focus on other things, such as getting Flanor a notice board, organising the old emails, and reorganising the website (with cute pet photos).

As vice-chair you help out the chair wherever necessary, could be advice on things or taking over when they need some time off. There is no set description on this, but you just need to make sure that you check in on them so you know when they need help before it might become a problem. Just be slightly stalkerish and it should work out :)

I’m pretty sure I do other stuff sometimes as well, but this probably doesn’t really ‘belong’  to the secretary per se.



Cynthia (and cats)


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