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Hi, are you a Flanorian who wants to do something for Flanor or do you just want to become famous (within Flanor)??? Yes? Well, have you considered becoming a board member yet??? In this blogpost I will tell something about my role within the board and what my personal experience is. If you want to know more about the other roles within the board, consider checking out the other blog posts!!!

A year ago I wouldn’t have imagined that I would become a member of the board. For me it looked like a lot of responsibility I didn’t feel ready for. But here I am. At first it was quite scary to be responsible for Flanor but I soon realized I wasn’t doing it alone. I had my fellow board members backing me up, the old board getting me ready for my new role and the advice committee helping me with every question I had. With them helping me every little bump in the road felt way lighter than they appeared to be.

As I started my year I didn’t have a ton of responsibilities. The most important thing was being present at the activities the Introduction committee organized. This was not only fun but also a good way to get to know my fellow board members a little bit better. During this period I also started making overviews of the committees, the reading groups and the socials. These overviews helped me throughout this half year and will also help me for the rest of this board year. I used them to update the website so Flanorians could see what reading groups and socials were part of Flanor, what they were reading and when they came together to discuss their books. The committee overview helped me with finding out what committees needed more people to help them. This was very important for organizing the first CoPrEve (Committee Presentation Evening), here every committee had a member representing their committee to explain to interested Flanorians what they did. The week after this I organized the RePrEve (Reading Groups Representation Evening). Here I asked every reading group leader to make a presentation which I would later combine in one that could be represented on the RePrEve by the group leaders. Over the rest of the half year I kept updating the website and monitored the committees and kept an eye on what they were doing. During this time I helped my fellow board members with tasks that came up throughout the year. I helped members with questions they had and found new members for committees that needed them.

Throughout this half year I have come to know the awesome people I get to be a board member with. Together we got to be a close group of friends, totally something you could look forward to when becoming a board member. So if I haven’t convinced you yet, go and read the other blog posts and thank you for your time 🙂.


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