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Flanor is a literary student society in Groningen. The English website is under construction. Information pages are still being translated, but the news page is functioning and so is the blog page. Stay tuned for the whole English website! 

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Lezing Rindert Kromhout
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Lezing Kate Schlingemann met zaVie
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Winter Readathon 2023: Recommandaties

  • Bestuur

Hello dear people, It’s us again! For every reading challenge, we collected a list with book recommendations you could read for the...

Flanor Winter Readathon 2023: rules

  • Bestuur

Hello dear people, After the success of the Summer Readathon we’re organizing a Winter Readathon! The readathon will run from the 6th of...

Interviewing a Famous Author

  • Bestuur

Martta’s experiences interviewing Maxim Osipov on 9 November 2022 How did I get here? One of the things Flanor is best known for is our...

What does a Treasurer do?

  • Bestuur

Treasurers are indispensable to the functioning of volunteer-run organisations. However, people don’t seem to know much about what they do in...

Introducing the new Board

  • Bestuur

After a bit of a hiatus, the new Board is going to resume the blog posts. We’ll start by introducing ourselves – you may have already met...