Reading groups

Reading groups are the heart of Flanor. Usually, they're focused on a theme, a language area, or an era, but there are also groups involved in all sorts of shenanigans: from memes to Dungeons & Dragons. These groups that do not read books are called Socials. In normal circumstances, the members of a reading groups meet from time to time to hang out and discuss the book they have (hopefully) read together. Everyone brings a drink or a bit, so there is always enough.

Reading groups are open to all Flanorians. That is, any Flanorian can always start a new reading group, and every Flanorian can become a member of any reading group.

Here you can find a complete overview of all the reading groups of Flanor. If you're a member of Flanor you can sign up here. 

Not (yet) a member? Would you like to attend a gathering, or would you like to have more info? Feel very free to send an email to the board: