♿ Lecture - The Pink Cube

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Bestuur 2022-2023
Date and time
Jan 31, 2023 20:00 - 21:30
Groninger Forum Plein 3

♿ Lecture - The Pink Cube

This month, Flanor invites The Pink Cube in collaboration with study association Meander.

Anne van Lierop (they/them) and Iris Rijnsewijn (she/her) are co-founders of the Pink Cube, a platform dedicated to the visibility and appreciation of queer art and culture. They write, research, give lectures and make exhibitions, and support young queer artists in their artistic development. They facilitate safe spaces within and outside of the museum for queer art to grow and thrive. Anne works for IHLIA LGBTI Heritage and works as a freelance curator, while Iris is a lecturer at Academie Minerva and the University of Groningen.

This lecture is in English.


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