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Bestuur 2021-2022
Date and time
Jun 28, 2022 18:00 - 23:00
Literair Cafe De Graanrepubliek

It is, again, time for a General Members Assembly! After we changed the statutes last time, it is now time to vote for changes in the Internal Regulations. All documents that we will discuss can be found on the website, look at 'My profile' --> 'Documents'.

The GMA starts at 18:00 at Literary Cafe De Graanrepubliek.


- It is obligated for every committee that at least one representative is present during the entire GMA.

- During the GMA we will assume that everyone has already read the documents that we will discuss and thus has prepared questions/ comments*. We will NOT read the documents out loud or summarise them during the GMA.

*It is not obligatory to have questions or comments, we just want people to come prepared and not start thinking about questions or comments during the GMA. It is no problem if you have read the documents but don't have any questions or comments.


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