Cyclus lecture II Adrie van der Laan + Monthly drinks

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Bestuur 2021-2022
Date and time
May 3, 2022 20:00 - 22:00
De Graanrepubliek

Part two of the cyclus lectures this year! This year’s theme is hidden stories. The previous lecturer was Karin Olsen, a teacher of Angel-Saxon literature, who taught us about old English charms. Today, the lecturer is Adrie van der Laan, curator of the Special Collection of the University Library.

His lecture is called "Hidden stories in Special Collections: humanity in a nutshell." The University Library Groningen has a Humanity Lab: the Special Collections Department. Here, you will find the story of three thousand years of human civilisation, told in the form of a thousand and one stories in as many books. Some of these stories are well-known, but most are not. Which famous German cursed and raved in one of our books? What connection did Pieter Beyntsma from Stavoren have with the Roman poet Horace? All these stories tell us who we are.

We are very excited about this lecture and hope to see you all at the Graanrepubliek!


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