Book Game - Sinterklaas Celebration

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Date and time
Dec 1, 2022 19:30 - 21:35
AcCie members house

Who’s a’tapping at that chamber door? It’s Saint Nicholas, and what’s more…


He wants to invite you to join the Flanor Book Exchange on the 1st of December.

This famous Flanor tradition goes as follows:

Bring a book as a gift and receive another one in exchange on the same evening. No need to buy a book for this, just look at your shelf and think of a book on your shelf that you’d love to receive as a gift. A forgotten classic, a Ya novel’s joy you wish to bestow upon others, a delicious cookbook… anything nice goes.

when participating in the book exchange it is custom to write a poem with the book you're gifting. Hone your rhyming skills and let your fellow Flanorians enjoy or cringe and your words. You don't know who will receive your book, so you can make it as general or as related to the book or 'a Flanorian' as you choose. 
Need a hand?

Additional info: The exchange will start at 19.30. Location will be notified a day or so before the event. The book can be in English or in Dutch. Just be sure to mark this on the wrapping paper. Same goes for the poem!






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