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Dear Flanorians,


Everything comes to an end and so does this academic year. The Usva building is closing on the 15th of July and this will also be the date we as the Board are going on Summer Break. If you need to fix anything with your committees or on personal level, make sure to contact us before that.


Our Summer Break means that there will be no office hours, no activities organised by the Board, and no weekly blog post. You are of course free to still meet up with your reading groups, chat in the WhatsApp groups and plan to meet up for things like walks and swims. You can also still contact us, but we cannot guarantee that we will react as fast as we did the past months.


For now, we want to tell you that there will be two more activities in the next two weeks. Those will be the monthly drinks that will take place tonight at 20:00 in the Graanrepubliek and Natalie Haynes will join us for an online lecture on the 15th of July! We're also still looking for members for the introduction committee to help integrate new members into the association in September. If you're interested, please contact someone of the Board. 


During Summer Break, Flanor will again participate in the KEI-week in August, more information about those activities will follow. Flanor members are also welcome at the KEI-activities, so stay tuned! After the KEI-week, there will be another edition of the Flanor Summer Readathon! All in all, lot of things to look forward to!


Lastly, we want to already thank you for this past year! We really enjoyed being your Board :). We hope you had just as much fun as we did and we wish you a happy Summer Break! See you again soon!


Lots of love <3

Board Jacobs


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