Who is Natalie Haynes?

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As most of you probably know, Natalie Haynes will come to Flanor to tell something about her work. Natalie Haynes is the author of amongst others A Thousand Ships, but there is a lot more to her than that. The board decided to do some online research and give you a summary of what we’ve found, so you already know a few things about her for the (international and English!) lecture tonight!


According to her Wikipedia page, Haynes is also a journalist. Ever since 2006, she has guest contributed to The Times and she regularly contributes to New Humanist. She has also written articles for other newspapers, such as The Sunday Times, The Independent and The Sunday Telegraph. 


Next to writing stories and news articles, you can also hear her on the radio. She has worked as a panellist for shows on BBC Radio 4 and even has her own show called Natalie Haynes Stands up for the Classics. In this show, she discusses with experts historical and mythological figures from Ancient Greece and Rome. 


Enough about her journalism background. Haynes has also written quite a few stories. These range from essays to children’s stories, non-fiction books and the regular novel. Her book A Thousand Ships was even shortlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction in 2020. A lot of her stories cover myths from Ancient Greece, like her fourth novel, Stone Blind. This book is a retelling of the myth Medusa. 


We hope we have informed you enough about Natalie Haynes, so you can already know a few things about him for the lecture tonight. The lecture starts at 20:00 and will take place Online. A link will be send to you beforehand. You can also join us if you haven’t read her work yet and just want to know from an international author what it’s like to write about myths. You can still sign up on the website. Hope to see you there! 



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