Readathon Diaries

The Flanor Winter Readathon 2021 has officially started yesterday! And the ReadCie is, aside from Flanor’s Instagram, now also taking over Flanor’s website. Iris will give you a little insight on how she prepared for and experienced the first day of the Readathon. Have fun reading!


Dear readers,


A couple of months ago, the ReadCie came together and decided to organise the biggest Readathon we’ve had so far (which was pretty easy, because this is only the second one). We tried our best to make it as enjoyable and fun for you as possible and we hope you like it. 


As we prepared months in advance, I also selected my TBR (to be read) pile for the Readathon weeks before it started. Yeah, no, that was a lie, I selected my TBR last Thursday (procrastinating is a thing). There are people participating in the Readathon who make entire bullet journal spreadsheets for the Readathon or very complicated schemes in Word, we love your enthusiasm so much! Me, on the other hand, sat in front of my shelves for a couple of hours, stared at it, picked the books I really wanted to read and then made up a story for myself to make them fit the challenges (not necessarily how it is supposed to go, but I’m not in for the race of the 5 euros book gift card anyways). 


The books I eventually picked were:

  • Tru Luv by Sarah Pinsker (as should everybody, since it’s the livestream short story)

  • Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas

  • Soumission by Michel Houellebecq 

  • Read This to get Smarter by Blair Imani

  • Little Women by Louisa May Alcott


I probably won’t finish Soumission before the end of the Readathon. I’m reading it in French, because I may want to use it for my thesis, so I’m taking my time with it and aim to read about 25 pages a day. I do hope to finish the others, though. Or at least get halfway through Little Women (it’s almost 800 pages, like whutt?!)


After choosing my TBR, I started taking the pictures and editing them, which also took forever, because the natural light in Winter is unfortunately not amazing. After that, it was finally time for the Readathon last Monday. Okay, I’ll be honest with you, I already started a bit on Saturday when my copies of Call Me By Your Name and Dune arrived in the mail (yes, I’m in a Timothée Chalamet phase, #sorrynotsorry), but I would already start the Readathon with a backlog, having obtained a minor concussion in the previous week, so I thought this little head start was quite fair. 


All jokes aside, on Monday, we finally officially started the Readathon and I read 25 pages of Soumission and started in Little Women. I wanted to say that it was so great to see your enthusiasm during the preparations, but also during that first day of the Readathon and seeing your beautiful pictures. It makes us as the ReadCie so happy after planning it for so many weeks! We want to say thank you and keep on reading! We hope you enjoy the rest of the Readathon as much as you enjoyed the first day and preparing for it. 


With love,

Iris & the rest of ReadCie (s/o to Rosina and Nicole!) <3


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