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Flanor is organizing a contest for a new slogan. With the change of the logo, we wanted to do it properly and also change the slogan. It is a secret if we ever had a slogan that was known by everyone within the association. We’ve heard slogans such as “Het nieuwe hoofdstuk in je leven” and “zet je tanden in wat leesvoer”, but we want to change that and have one universal slogan.


We’re looking for one that’s catchy, not too cringy, but that works both in Dutch and English. On events like KEI-week, where we’ll mostly be using the slogan, there will also be a lot of international students, so it would be nice to include an English version of the slogan as well as a Dutch version. 

If you have a great idea, let us know via this google form. The deadline is January the 20th, after which the Board will make a selection and the members can pick there favourite. The definite slogan will be revealed during the monthly drinks on February 1st and will win a prize!


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