Lockdown Times: Embroidery

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Now that we are in a full lockdown again, it is about time for another “Lockdown Times” blog post. Last time, Iris, our commissioner of external affairs, told you about her lockdown hobby: Animal Crossing. This time, I will tell you something about mine.


While I always loved doing various creative things such as painting, hand lettering, and book binding, I had never really tried to create things in the crochet, knitting, and embroidery department. Unless you can count the one time where I started to crochet a little figure and stopped after about 2 rows because I was already getting bored with it which resulted in my mom having to finish it for me, being the crochet queen that she is. I did really like seeing all those handmade crochet, knitting, and embroidery pieces on Pinterest though! So, during the lockdown I finally decided to give embroidery a go.


And now I am obsessed…


This is honestly one of the worst hobbies I could have because I am one of those people who likes to accumulate a lot of stuff. With embroidery, there are so many things you can collect such as different embroidery rings, different needles, different fabrics, and of course lots and lots of different colours in threads. So naturally, I did just that… Still, I really love this new hobby and despite the dreadfulness of the current lockdown situation, I am glad that it gives me more time to embroider again. So is my cat: he gets really mesmerised when he watches me embroider and he likes to look at it for hours (which is perfect for me as well as those are the moments that he does not try to destroy the house) ;)


Embroidery, for me, is a really relaxing but also satisfying hobby as you slowly see your creation unfold. So far, I have finished a couple of small embroidery projects such as a tote bag embroidered with vegetables. I have also embroidered logos on knitted caps, as well as a cover for a notebook so that I could combine my embroidery hobby with my bookbinding hobby. This also shows how versatile embroidery can be! You can use it for many different things. I have yet to discover most of those but I am definitely excited for it!


If you have ever thought about doing embroidery, you should definitely try it :) It may look difficult sometimes but when you actually try it, you will discover that it really isn’t that hard at all!


Love, Kato

(Commissioner of internal affairs)

Tote bag in progress


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