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Dear Flanorians,


Now that winter has arrived, the days are cold, dark and wet, and the government still enforces corona regulations, it can be hard to stay positive and happy all the time. The board decided to highlight the confidential advisors in this blog post. Even though Flanor has had confidential advisors for quite some time, not everyone knows that we do or who they are. Currently, Flanor has three confidential advisors: Bauke Wielinga, Hannah de Vries (they are not part of the board) and Merel Jacobs (current chair of Flanor).


If you ever need someone to talk to, whether you are facing difficulties at our association or outside of Flanor, know that you can always text or mail these people (and if you want to, make an appointment to call). They will always take you seriously and everything that you say will be anonymous. If you want more information, take a look at the tab on the website (it is under ‘association’).


Stay safe and know that you are never alone in this world, especially not when you are a member of Flanor <3

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