Flanor Winter Readathon 2024: Rules

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Hello dear people,

After the success of last year’s readathons we’re organizing a Winter Readathon! The readathon will run from the 4th until the 10th of February. A readathon is a period dedicated to reading books together, accompanied by reading challenges and photo challenges. Just reading a few pages of one book is also fine!

Here are the rules:

Date: 4th of February 0:01h until 10th of February 23:59h.

There will be two parts to this readathon: a photo challenge and a reading challenge. The photo challenge will be accessible for everyone (both members and non-members of Flanor) through social media and Whatsapp for Flanor members. All participants will be eligible for a prize! The second challenge includes The Book Bingo and several reading challenges. Non-members can participate, but will not be eligible for a prize. Only Flanor members can win a prize for The Book Bingo.

How to participate in the Photo Challenge:

For everyone:

Every day of the readathon will hold a new challenge. It is up to you to take a photo regarding this challenge on the corresponding day and post it on your social media (Facebook/Instagram). Feel free to use all your creativity and photography talents for these challenges! Photoshop is 100% allowed. You are also allowed to make a tiktok and share it on facebook or instagram. Tag Flanor (@lsflanor) on Instagram or on Facebook in your post and use the #flanorwinterreads24 hashtag, so we can see your beautiful pictures. After the last day of the readathon, one post will be selected for a prize. The prize will be a €5,- gift card for a book (Boekenbon). It is not required to participate in every photo challenge to win the gift card. You don’t have to participate in all of the challenges, one photo is enough to win a prize!

For members:

If you don't want to share your picture online, you can post it in the Whatsapp Group. If you don’t want your pictures shared on Flanor’s social media, please state that with your picture. Feel free to add ebooks or audiobooks with photoshop!  

How to participate in the Book Bingo and the Reading Challenge:

In order to win a prize for the reading challenges, you have to be a member of Flanor. Sign up through the site!

For non-members: 

The most important part of the readathon is, of course, the books! Part of the fun of a readathon is to challenge yourself with the kind of books you read. A bingo card with the challenges will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Have a look at our blogpost with recommendations for inspiration, where you can see what kind of books we will challenge ourselves to read. Feel free to participate and tell us what challenges you completed in your wrap-up post! Also feel free to participate in our Storygraph challenge.There you can also see the books others have chosen for the challenges.  

For Flanor members: 

You will be able to join a Whatsapp Group where the readathon will be hosted. There will be reading sprints hosted in the group. Reading sprints are short periods of time, hosted by the hosts of the readathon, in which you will read together while motivating each other to read. There will be a Storygraph challenge and several activities as well!

The challenges will be presented in the form of a Bingo Card. Every row you cross off will be an entry into the lottery for a €5,- gift card for a book (Boekenbon), of which there will be four. At the end of the readathon you will send a picture or a list of the books you’ve read to the hosts, with an overview of which books you’ve chosen for which challenge. You’re allowed to use one book for multiple prompts! 

Bingo card rules:

  • A book counts when you’ve read at least 100 pages during the readathon. If you choose to read an audiobook or an ebook, read the equivalent of 100 pages. So if the physical book is 300 pages, read at least 33% of the ebook or audiobook. 

  • Shorter books read in their entirety during the readathon also count!

  • Every row you complete is a ticket in the lottery for the gift cards

  • A row in any direction counts (horizontally, vertically and diagonally) 

  • An entire card translates to 11 tickets in the lottery

  • One book can count for multiple challenges

  • Most forms of reading count for example manga, comic books, audiobooks or web comics also count 

If there are any questions, feel free to ask them in the Whatsapp group or to the readathon hosts! 

The photo challenges will be announced a couple of days before the readathon. 

The Challenges on the Bingo Card will be: 

Read/finish a book:

  1. by a Flanor guest

  2. a reading group is currently reading 

  3. recommended by a Flanorian

  4. participate in a Flanor activity (An activity organized by the Readathon Committee, a book discussion or activity hosted by a reading group or another activity organized by Flanor)

  5. group discussion short story

  6. that makes you happy

  7. you got last year (2023)

  8. with a new start (a new year, starting school, moving somewhere etc.)

  9. with mental health representation

  10. by an author new to you

  11. with scales (dinosaur, reptile, dragon, fish)

  12. a Queer book by a BIPOC author

  13. that has been adapted (movie, play, etc.)

  14. with medieval vibes

  15. with flowers on the cover

  16. with a genre that's outside of your comfort zone

There is a blogpost with recommendations for every challenge. You can find that here. In addition to that, check out what others added to the challenges on the Storygraph! 

What matters most in the readathon is that you have fun and read! You don’t have to post pictures on your social media to participate and you don’t have to participate in the reading challenges or reading sprints if you don’t want to. If you want to read whatever you want, you can do that too. Even if you just read a couple of pages, that’s enough! Everything is non-binding and just for fun! 

We are looking forward to seeing and reading with all of you!

Kind regards,

the secret cult composed of some super extraordinary humans



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