The Readathon: What Is It?

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One of our returning activities is the Flanor Readathon. We host it biannually, one in summer and one in winter. It was created during the pandemic and so successful we decided to continue!

What is it?

The Flanor Readathon is a period dedicated to reading books together, fun activities accompanied by reading challenges and photo challenges. Nothing is mandatory and our main goal is to have fun together! If you read just a few more pages than you normally would, that's a win. 

For Flanor members (and those interested in joining) we have a Whatsapp Group in which we talk about the books we’re reading, how we’re doing in the reading challenge and share our pictures for the photo challenges. We host Reading Sprints in the group during which we motivate each other to read. The host will inform when, how long and what they’ll be reading. Others will respond with what they’re planning on reading. Afterwards people will share how they like the book, how far they got etc. 


Alongside this Whatsapp Group the ReadCie hosts fun activities for all Flanor members (and those interested in joining). Most of the time sign ups on the website are open to everyone and you don’t have to join the Whatsapp Group to join the activities. 

Activities that always return: drinks on Tuesday, during the readathon there are drinks in our stamkroeg de Graanrepubliek. There is also a discussion of our group read either online or in person. The group read is a short story that we all read and discuss during the readathon. 

Examples of fun activities we’ve hosted: The Great Flanor Bake Off. We designed a baking challenge based on the Great British Bake Off/Heel Holland Bakt. People made their stuff and took it to the Graanrepubliek. We've also hosted an online beer tasting, movie nights (we’ve watched Shrek 2, the Princess Bride, and more), an (indoor) picknick, and online workshops about review writing, color theory and design. 

The challenges

There are two parts of the readathon where you are able to win a prize; through the bingo card with reading challenges and the photo challenge. Usually this prize is a book gift card. 

You can always be sure the following five prompts are part of the reading challenges. 

  1. by a Flanor guest

  2. that a reading group is currently reading 

  3. recommended by a Flanorian

  4. participate in a Flanor activity 

  5. the group read (a short story)

If you want to be sure, join the Whatsapp Group and ask! The readathon is always a good time, so feel free to participate and join in on the fun. 


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