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Dear Flanorians,


Whether you are a new member and have only seen us at the KEI-week, or have been around for a while and had to deal with us throughout the past year - we write this blog post to you.


The past year, we had the privilege to be your board. As everyone keeps saying at Flanor: a board year is as busy as you decide it to be. And boy, did we decide to be busy… We held over 50 board meetings, 5 GMA’s (6 after next Monday), invited 19 Cool Literary People for a lecture, and went to almost all activities. We also decided it would a smart idea to bake cookies for Flanor members and bring them to people’s houses for Christmas. We were baking until 3 a.m., almost run into a cat while cycling through Beijum, cycled through at least 3 spots in Groningen where we thought we’d almost certainly get killed, and nearly froze to death as it was one of the coldest nights of the winter. At one point we could not even eat the snacks Martta provided for us because our jaws were so cold that they were too stiff to properly work. But: we survived, everyone was happy with our cookies, and we had fun! (We also have a cool story to tell whenever we talk about our board year.) We sang karaoke with NUTS, read poetry with STUFF, had a lot of fun with Clio, ESN, and Esperia for the very successful Language Cafe activities, went ‘apenkooien’ with Martinistam, had a big costume party with Cleopatra and Ganymedes, did some theatre with GUTS, GST, and IK, watched the finale of the Eurovision Song Contest with Ganymedes, painted fairy tales with IK and Commotie, and listened to a panel lecture with Esperia. As if that was not enough, we also celebrated Flanor’s 7th lustrum (thank you again, our amazing Lustrum committee and Gala Committee, for all your work!) and held Flanor’s first constitution moment ever in the form of a high tea. And then we haven’t even started talking about all the times we had fun together outside of our board responsibilities. We ate So. Much. Ice cream. Talked So. Much. about genitalia (penises in particular). Were late to So. Many. Meetings. (Kato, Jessay, and particularly Merel want to apologise to Iris for being late so many times. We are so sorry. We love you.) We took walks, watched movies (one very interesting one in particular, but let’s not talk about that now as we do not want to traumatize Iris), laughed so hard we almost got abs when we created a pub quiz about ourselves, and let Tamara take a thousand (ok, not literally, but still a lot) board photos (and yet we were somehow not able to manage to look nice in one of those?? How). Needless to say, we became very close friends.


All because of Flanor. And all because of you. Because without you as active members, we would not have needed to organise so many activities, hold so many meetings to discuss how we could improve Flanor to our best abilities, or go to our office twice a week to get work done and meet with Flanorians who came to chill with us. For this, we wanted to thank you and thus decided our last blog post to be a post about thank yous & goodbyes. So, thank you all. You were amazing!


And now, it is time to say goodbye. This is our last blog post. Next week, the new board will take over and we will enjoy Flanor as regular active members again. Last year was a blast and we had so much fun, so we write these words with a heavy heart.


Goodbye, our dear Flanorians. Last year was awesome and we wouldn’t have missed it for all the books in the world.


With love,

Merel, Jessay, Kato and Iris


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