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As most of you probably know, Tais Teng will come to Flanor to tell something about his work. Tais Teng is the author of De Griezelklas - series, but there is a lot more to him than that. The board decided to do some online research and give you a summary of what we’ve found, so you already know a few things about him for the lecture tonight!


A quick Wikipedia search told us that Teng actually never was a fan of reading as a kid. He eventually got over this and started writing stories. He briefly studied biology, but gave this up rather quickly to focus on drawing and writing.


In the early 00’s, Teng joined a group called Het Griezelgenootschap, a group of authors that wrote creepy stories for children. Other members of this group were Paul van Loon, a Dutch children’s literature author of for example Dolfje Weerwolfje. 


Besides being an author, Teng also illustrates books. These days, he usually uses these skills to create covers for American science-fiction and fantasy novels.


We hope we have informed you enough about Tais Teng, so you can already know a few things about him for the lecture tonight. The lecture starts at 20:00 and will take place at Wonderland in Het Forum. You can still sign up on the website. Hope to see you there! 



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