Who is Seth Dickinson?

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As most of you probably know, Seth Dickinson will come to Flanor to tell something about his work. Seth Dickinson is the author of The Masquerade series, but there is a lot more to him than that. The board decided to do some online research and give you a summary of what we’ve found, so you already know a few things about him for the (international and English!) lecture tonight!


According to his Wikipedia page, Dickinson studied at the University of Chicago. Here he wrote the short story The Immaculate Conception of Private Ritter, with which he won the Dell Magazines Award for Undergraduate Excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing in 2011. 


Next to writing stories, Dickinson has also contributed to video games. One of them was Destiny: The Taken King (2015). It was a very successful game and Sony announced that the game broke the record for the most downloaded day-one game in PlayStation history.


If this hasn’t made you enthusiastic enough, then let’s talk about the many stories Dickinson has written. Along with the successful fantasy series The Masquerade, Dickinson has also released a fair number of short stories. 


We hope we have informed you enough about Seth Dickinson, so you can already know a few things about him for the lecture tonight. The lecture starts at 20:00 and will take place Online. A link will be send to you beforehand. You can also join us if you haven’t read his work yet and just want to know from an international author what it’s like to write fantasy and science-fiction. You can still sign up on the website. Hope to see you there! 



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