Who is Myron Hamming?

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As most of you probably know, Myron Hamming will come to the Graanrepubliek to be interviewed by our own Jessay. Hamming is the city poet of Groningen, but there is a lot more to him than that The board decided to do some online research and give you a summary of what we’ve found, so you already know a few things about him for the interview tonight!


On January 29, Myron is the tenth city poet of Groningen, a job he will do for the next two years. Before he was named city poet, he’s done a lot of other things, of which the GIC listed a lot. Hamming gives workshops for poetry and spoken word in schools, but also in youth organizations and addiction care. He is a judge for the Kunstbende and a board member for the Grand Theatre. Currently, he is working on his first collection of poems.


Another thing he has done, which was very interesting, is being a guest columnist for NPO Radio 1. A quick google search led us to a clip of Cissy and Hamming from 2018 in which they give their vision on Groningen. They talk about art and talent development within art.


A more recent project from Hamming was published in December 2020. He wrote a love letter to Groningen with the NNO (Noord Nederlands Orkest). The reason he did this? Simple enough: the city was in need of some support. Hamming presented the project with a video that shows him in all the well-known places in Groningen like the Martinikerk, the Academy Building of the university, Het Groninger Forum and the bridge from the Groninger Museum. 


We hope we have informed you enough about Myron Hamming, so you can already know a few things about him for the interview tonight. The interview starts at 20:00 and will take place in the Graanrepubliek. You can still sign up on the website. Hope to see you there! 



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