Who is Aimée de Jongh?

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Aimée de Jongh is coming to Het Forum today to talk about her books and work. We are very happy to welcome her in Groningen, but who is she actually and what has she done? The board decided to do some online research and give you a summary of what we’ve found, so you already know a few things about her for the lecture tonight!


First and foremost, Aimée is a graphic novelist. One of her most recent works is Days of Sand. This graphic novel, originally written in Dutch, is now also available in a French translation and soon maybe also in an English one. The story is about the life of a photographer. 


Besides Days of Sand, Aimée also made a series called Snippers which was published in the Dagblad Metro from 2011 till 2017 and she made animations for the Dutch TV Talk Show De Wereld Draait Door. Another thing that she does, is writing graphic novels for Vrij Nederland every month. If you want to see an example, just click here and you’ll be forwarded to her most recent one.


Aimée has been to Groningen before. According to Groningen.nieuws.nl she was the first guest for a new series of mini-lectures called “Storyworld presenteert”. This took place earlier this year and she told about her work as a graphic novelist. 


We hope we have informed you enough about Aimée de Jongh, so you can already know a few things about her for the lecture tonight. The lecture starts at 20:00 and will take place in Wonderland in Het Forum. You can still sign up on the website. Hope to see you there! 



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