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Every year Stichting Van der Leeuw - lezing organizes a lecture in the Martinikerk. The foundation invites speakers to talk about a certain theme, and this way shows that there are options for organising and celibrating cultural events in the Martinikerk. This year the guest speaker is Stefan Hertmans and Emma Lesuis and they talk about “Van wie is de Verbeelding” or in English “To whom does the imagination belong?”.


Stichting Van der Leeuw-lezing was named after Gerardus van der Leeuw, who was a theologist in culture and politics. During his classes he did not only teach, but he also sang and was convinced that theatre and dance classes are indispensable for a theologist. The foundation was created in 1983 after Van der Leeuw’s death and has the mission to promote cultural life in Groningen, amongst others. 


Usually, Flanor organizes a preview or a Voorbeschouwing of this event, but unfortunately due to circumstances, the Board had to cancel this event last-minute. However, the Board does still have tickets for the Van der Leeuw-lezing on Friday the 19th of November to give away to Flanorians. Flanor does this every year and every time there are a lot of Flanorians who want to go, so be quick! 


If you want to get an idea of what the Van der Leeuw-lezing entails, there is a video of the Lezing from last year available on their site, you can click here to watch it. As you can see, it looks like a lot of fun and like a cozy Friday afternoon! 


The afternoon starts at 16:30 in the Martinikerk and will finish at 18:30. Regardless of the new Lockdown, the lecture will still continue as usual, however, do bring your QR code. As said earlier, we still have some tickets! Sign up here to get them and/or come pick them up during our office hours today from 12:00 - 14:00. If you’re not available to pick them up today, please let Iris know and we’ll arrange something else. 

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