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About eight months ago, in August 2021, Jessay, Kato, Iris and I started preparing for our board year. We looked forward to the KEI-week and discussed what Flanor meant to us and what we wanted to do for this association. In preparation for the GMA where we would be officially installed as the board, we wrote a document of six pages in which we wrote down all our plans for our board year: our policy plan. Now, more than half of our board year has passed and I can honestly say that it has been amazing so far. We have done so much already for this association! Last week, we had one of the most intense weeks so far: the lustrum of Flanor. Together with two amazing committees, the Lustrum Committee and the Gala Committee, everyone who is and who has ever been a member of Flanor celebrated the thirty-sixth birthday of this beautiful association. We had drinks at the Graanrepubliek, discussed four very nice short stories with Konstantin Mierau, Matthijs Sanders, Janet Fuller, and Hans Jansen (all teachers at the UG), played board games until late in the evening and, finally, had a wonderful gala to end the lustrum week. To everyone who joined us: it was lovely to see and meet you, we hope you had as much fun as we had!


For us as the board, the gala was extra special. After months of work, texting via Instagram, and visiting the shop a few times to discuss our idea, we finally could announce a tasty collaboration with a new sponsor! We are extremely happy and very proud to announce that as of Friday 26 March 2022, Flanor has its own tea! We have joined forces with Your Daily Tea Cup and have created our very own blend of tea: the Literary Tea. It is a fruity Pu Ehr tea with blue and yellow leaves as those are the colours of our association. It contains, aside from the Pu Ehr, orange-blossom, cornflower petals and raspberry. The tea is powerful, earthy, fruity, and slightly sweet, so you can brew this tea for a spicy, strong drink to accompany you while reading a book. Everyone who was at the gala has already gotten a sample of this tea in their goodiebag. If you didn’t attend the gala, fear not: you can buy the tea at Your Daily Tea Cup, both in their store at Gedempte Zuiderdiep 114, or on their webshop!


Except for Jessay, who somehow manages to go through life not liking hot drinks, the board has already enjoyed the tea and we hope you like it as much as we do. Next time you read a book, we hope you will do so while enjoying the Literary Tea. I know I am.


I want to give a big thanks to Your Daily Tea Cup for preparing this tea blend, a big hug to my fellow board members who worked with me on this collaboration, a special thank you to Martta for coming along with Kato and me to taste the five tea samples and agree with us that this Pu Ehr tea was the tastiest, and last but not least I want to mention that I am proud of Jessay who, despite disliking hot drinks, has tasted the Literary Tea and did not hate it.





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