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Even though summer vacation may feel like it’s ages away, the Board is already planning ahead for next year! We have thought of a programme for Flanor during the KEI-week and have started to figure out what the introduction period will look like. Not everything is set in stone yet, but there is one thing we already know: it will be more fun to organise the KEI-week and introduction period with the help of other Flanorians!


Every year, the Board organises Flanor’s programme for the KEI-week. Together with the Candidate Board, we try to be at as many events we organise during that week. It is not only a lot of fun to go to the activities, but it’s also very nice to talk to (new) students interested in Flanor. We are looking for members who’d like to help us during the KEI-week! If you join the KEI-committee, we expect you to be present at a few activities during the KEI-week and maybe help set them up or clean up afterwards. Examples of this are taking place behind Flanor’s stand at the information market for 2-3 hours and talking to people who walk by and show interest in our association, walking the literary tour to make sure no one in the group gets lost or buying groceries for a lunch in the park. You will never have to do such things alone: you are always with at least two people. If you are part of the KEI-committee, you will not have to organise anything before the KEI-week starts and you do not have to be present at all activities.


If you are interested in helping the board out or want to know more about joining the KEI-committee, you can send Merel a text message or contact the Board through the DM of our Instagram account.


We are also looking for members for the Introduction Committee! They organise the period after the KEI-week where the new Flanor members get to know our association. You will organise a few activities that are specially meant for new members, but our other members are welcome as well. An example of activities that were organised last year by the Introduction Committee are a pub quiz, a book exchange, and a movie night. This committee will start up in June/July. The activities that the committee organises will take place during September. As a member of this committee, you will mainly be active during June/ July, and it is expected that you are present at almost all of the activities you organise.


If you are interested to join this committee, want more information, or still have some questions, you can send Merel a text message or contact the board through the DM of our Instagram account.



Merel, Jessay, Kato & Iris


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