Flanor Summer Readathon 2021: rules

Hello dear people,


As you may know, Flanor is organizing a readathon from the 22nd until the 28th of August. A readathon is a period dedicated to reading books together and trying to read as many as possible, often accompanied by reading and photo challenges. One of the most popular ones was the Reading Rush, an international readathon, organized every year during Summer Break. However, after some backlash last year, the Reading Rush is probably cancelled for this year. That’s why a couple of Flanorians decided to take matters in own hands and created the Flanor Summer Readathon 2021. Here are the rules:


Date: 22nd of August 0:01h. until 28th of August 23:59h.


There will be two parts to this readathon. The first is the photo challenge that will be accessible for everyone with social media. The second part includes The Book Bingo and reading challenges, which will only be accessible for Flanor members.


How to participate in the Photo Challenge:


Every day of the readathon there will be a new challenge. It is up to you to make a photo with this challenge on this day and post it on your social media (Facebook/Instagram). Feel free to use all your creativity and photography talents for these challenges. Tag Flanor on Instagram or on Facebook in your post and use the #flanorreads21 hashtag, so we can see your beautiful pictures. After the last day of the readathon one post will be selected for a prize. The prize will be a €10,- gift card for a book (Boekenbon). It is not required to participate in every photo challenge to win the gift card.


The challenges:

Sunday 22nd of August: show your TBR for this readathon

Monday 23rd of August: show your favourite reading spot

Tuesday 24th of August: make a picture of a blue and/or yellow book

Wednesday 25th of August: make a bookish rainbow 

Thursday 26th of August: show your favourite reading group book 

Friday 27th of August: show the most beautiful book you own

Saturday 28th of August: show your wrap-up (what have you read/finished this week?)


How to participate in the Reading Challenge:


The most important part of the readathon is of course the books! In order to participate in the reading challenges you have to be a member of Flanor and you have to enroll through this link: https://forms.gle/T5qjyziy43W2fZ1A8. You will be added to a Whatsapp Group where the readathon will be hosted. There will be reading sprints hosted in the group. Reading sprints are short periods of time, hosted by the hosts of the readathon, in which you will read together while motivating each other to read. A schedule for the reading sprints will be announced a couple of days before the start of the readathon. 


The challenges will be presented in the form of a Bingo Card, every row you cross off will be an entry into the lottery for a €10,- gift card for a book (Boekenbon) of which there will be four. At the end of the readathon you will send a picture or a list of the books you’ve read to the hosts, with an overview of which books you’ve chosen for which challenge. You’re allowed to use one book for multiple prompts! 


The Bingo Card will be announced a couple of days before the readathon. 


The Challenges will be


Read/finish a book:

  1. a reading group is currently reading

  2. recommended by a Flanorian (The books in the recommendation blogpost count!) 

  3. by a Flanor guest

  4. an own voices book

  5. that we’ll discuss in the Livestream on Saturday the 28th of August (The Lottery by Shirley Jackson)

  6. collection of poems

  7. graphic novel

  8. essay

  9. young adult book

  10. science-fiction

  11. with magic in it

  12. to movie adaptation

  13. from Dutch literature

  14. with dark vibes

  15. in another language

  16. participate in a Flanor activity (The Livestream counts!)


There is a blogpost with recommendations for every challenge


What matters most in the readathon is that you have fun and read! You don’t have to post pictures on your social media to participate and you don’t have to participate in the reading challenges or reading sprints if you don’t want to. If you want to read whatever you want, you can do that too. Everything is non-binding and just for fun! 


We are looking forward to seeing and reading with all of you the 22nd until the 28th of August!


Kind regards,


the secret cult composed of some super extraordinary humans


(P.S. If you have any questions feel free to contact Rosina, Nicole, Daniëlle or Iris Scholte)


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