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A new concept: Weekly Office Hours explained

A new concept has been introduced into Flanor: Weekly Office Hours. Twice a week, Flanorians can come to the USVA building to ask...


Who is Myron Hamming?

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As most of you probably know, Myron Hamming will come to the Graanrepubliek to be interviewed by our own Jessay. Hamming is the city...


Welcome to the weekly blog posts!

Dear all, as the title already states: welcome to the blog posts. We as the candidate board have decided to upload a new blog post every...


Flanor Summer Readathon 2021: rules

Hello dear people,   As you may know, Flanor is organizing a readathon from the 22nd until the 28th of August. A readathon is a period...

Flanor Summer Readathon 2021: recommendations

Flanor Summer Readathon 2021: recommendations

Hello dear people,   It’s us again! For every reading challenge, we collected a list with book recommendations you could read for the...