Reading groups

Reading groups are the heart of Flanor. Usually, they're focused on a theme, a language area, or an era, but there are also groups involved in all sorts of shenanigans: from memes to Dungeons & Dragons. In normal circumstances, the members of a reading groups meet from time to time to hang out and discuss the book they have (hopefully) read together. Everyone brings a drink or a bit, so there is always enough.
This year, due to COVID-19, most gatherings are online, but there are still equally many and they are still very fun :)

Reading groups are open to all Flanorians. That is, any Flanorian can always start a new reading group, and every Flanorian can become a member of any reading group.

If you're a member of Flanor, please contact a group's leader (or if you don't have their number, the Intern) to join that group.

Not (yet) a member? Would you like to attend a gathering, or would you like to have more info? Feel very free to send an email to the board:

Overview of Flanor's reading groups

Catharsis Cats, cats, cats. On pictures. In books. Everywhere. Leader: Owen

Cocquerellen Are you a master chef? Would you like to be one? Do you like to have other people cook for you? Do you like coziness? There is no reason to not join this group. Leader: Christien

Cult of Dionysos Flanor's only officially condoned cult, they read books from, about, and based on world mythology. Leader: Ingeborg

D@nk MieMZzz Memes are in fact today’s emblems. Leader: Hedwig

Dronken boot (Drunk Boat) Dives into the renowned history of poetry and discusses influential poems. Leader: Maarten

Egel en Haas (Hedgehog and Hare) This group reads children's books, switching between Dutch-language and international texts. Leader: Jan

Eigen Werk (Your own writing) Eigen Werk reads and discusses its members’ own writings. As long as you write, you’re welcome to join. Leader: Eline

Electric Sheep Reads science fiction ranging from the first works published to modern classics. Leader: Bauke

Etiket Etiquette “We crack open crafty cold ones with everyone and everything.” If you are into craft beer, and/or reading labels, this is your group. Leader: Nilab

Fields of Flanor Fields of Flanor is the reading group focused on roleplaying games. Roleplaying games are (most of the time) focused on creating a narrative by letting the players take on different roles. These roles can differ per game. The majority of roleplaying games has a number of players each take on the role of a character, while one other player, the Game Master, will manage the world the characters play in. The most well-known of these roleplaying games is Dungeons & Dragons. In short it is tabletop boardgames  with improv theater, where the players take on roles and create a narrative. Leader: Marius

fLANor fLANor is a group for those with interest in videogames. Not only do we have an active chat, we also host competitive, cooperative, and casual game gatherings. You don’t have to be a gamer to join us, willing to play Mario Kart together is also enough. Leader: Wander

Flavourtext In Flavourtext we play Magic the Gathering, but we also organise drafts and the app group is a great source of news and information. No cards? No problem, there is always someone with some extra! Leader: Bauke

Go Lyttle Booke Takes a keen interest in medieval literature. Leader: Bregje

I Like Big Books Reads big books. Really veeeeery big ones. For people who never have enough to read. Leader: Yvonne

Inner Reading Is your current read a bit too exciting? Flanor's meditation group offers calm and relaxation. Leader: Hille

LEES! (READ!) Flanor’s READing group without a topic. Every month, a democratically elected book is read. Leader: Christien

Leesbare Leeslijst The Readable Reading List reads Dutch-language books that would have been fun on your high school reading list. They read what they like, but especially try to read books by authors who will visit Flanor in the near future. Leader: Aryanne

Let's Get Educated This reading group was founded following the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020. They aim to read in order to educate themselves on this movement, racism, white supremacy, and related subjects. Leader: Iris Scholte

Magisch Afvoerputje Het Magisch Afvoerputje (The Magic Drain) absorbs all of the tiny magical particles that are not quite part of The… & the… and Electric Sheep. All the weird books that remain, especially in the genre of magical realism, are welcome. As long as they amazeLeader: Merel Jacobs

Midnight Dreary Reads gothic novels and other spooky stuff. Leader: Tamara

Oblomov Light Russian literature is the ultimate goal at Oblomov Light. They discuss anything Russian that doesn’t have more pages than OblomovLeader: Krijn

Romance Junkies Despite their name, the Romance Junkies generally read civilized romance novels. Leader: Lisa

Shakespeare & Co  Shakespeare & Co is Flanor’s modern English literature group. We read at least one Shakespeare play a year to celebrate the bard, but we certainly don’t stop there! Whether you are interested in classics or would like to explore different genres, from Early Modern poetry to Existentialist prose - there is something for everyone. Leader: Tamara

Songteksten Music can have nice texts too, which is why Songteksten (Lyrics) exists. Leader: Wander

Speech Bubble At Speech Bubble we share our interest for the graphic medium in literary works. We try to read a very broad spectrum of works that are described as graphic novels; from popular American works, European classics, to bizarre Asian webcomics. This group is for those interested in the unification of text and imagery. Leader: Yvonne

Spelhandleiding Flanor’s board game book club: we read the rules and play the games. Meetings are organised both in advance and spontaneously by any member. Leader: Jeroen

Starving Artistis Makes drawings and other art. Leader: Hille

Stoelendans (Musical Chairs (or literally, "chair dance")) Reads A Song of Ice and Fire, the magnus opum of George R.R. Martin, on which Game of Thrones is based. Leader: Iris Scholte

Studieboeken Studieboeken (Textbooks) is probably the most practical reading group in Flanor, for everyone who sometimes has to study! We study together and try to give each other some motivation. We’re very active in exam time! Leader: Christien

Subtitles Subtitles watches films and sometimes reads the subtitles. Great group if you’re like, “Hey I wanna watch a film with people.” More planned evenings are also organized. Leader: Maisie

The … & the ... Reads fantasy, but don’t be scared by huge multivolume works. This group focuses on the best stand alones. Leader: Kato

The Language Café Apprendre une autre langue? Aber natürlich! The Language Café facilitates low-threshold language exchange between interested members. Per esempio: if you know some French and would like to learn German, and a fellow Flanorian speaks German and would like to learn French, you can learn from each other. すごいですね... Leader: Iris Scholte

Translation In the Translation group, writers are invited to share and work on their own examples of literary translation. These may be of any genre and language, the capacity of the workshop group depending only on the linguistic ability of its members. We may also read essays and articles on translation theory. New members are always welcome. Leader: Matt

Young Adult Reads Young Adult. Leader: Maisie