Committees help the Flanor board by organizing activities, creating promo material, translating pieces, and much more. Their goal is to contribute to the association and have a lot of fun while doing it.

Just as with the board and the reading group leaders, the committee is full of active members, without which our association would not be able to flourish.

Overview of Flanor's Committees

Activity Committee (Accie) The Accie always has room for another member. This committee is especially fun for beginners, and for people who have fun ideas for activities that would suit Flanor! Chair: Merel Hofman

Advice Committee The Advice Committee is selected yearly by the board and gives well-meaning advice, both prompted and unprompted. Members are usually past board members. Chair:  Yvonne van Kollenburg

Archive Committee Literatief issues, posters, administration, photos... Each year Flanor produces great quantities of these kinds of documents and it's always fun to see them when looking back in the Archive. This committee sporadically collects, prepares, and delivers materials to the Archive. Chair: Maarten

Almanac Committee Last year, Flanor had its 35th birthday so naturally we have to celebrate it and there is no lustrum without an almanac! Chair: Maarten

Gala Committee The Flanor gala is a relatively new and appreciated tradition. Because of the Lustrum, a special gala will be organised this year. Chair: Juliët

Guest Writer Committee Traditionally, Flanor provides the university's guest writer committee with a member to join them in their work. Currently, Angela and Marius are members of this committee.

Intro Committee The intro committee organizes a number of activities at the beginning of the academic year to let new members more easily get to know each other and the rest of Flanor. Example activities include visiting reading groups and having dinner together. Chair: Tamara

The KasCie (audit committee) supervises Flanor’s treasurer and finances. It convenes about once every two months. Chair: -

Literatief Of course, there would be no Literatief without the editorial committee! Do you enjoy writing? Or is graphic design your passion? Maybe the Literatief is for you! Head editors: Iris Scholte & Lidewei

Lustrum Committee Flanor celebrated its seventh Lustrum last year! Chair: -

Promo Committee The promotion committee helps the external commissioner by making posters for events, posts for Instagram, and the like. Chair: Hannah Baalbergen

Readathon Committee This committee organises a readathon for Flanor a couple times a year. Chair: Rosina

Translation Committee (VerTaCo) This committee translates texts for Flanor (such as this very page!). Chair: Melanie

Volunteer Committee People that love to do odd jobs for Flanor are here. They help put up posters throughout the city, deliver the Literatief, et cetera. Chairs: Wilten Board